Starting my #The100DaysProject for 2021

2020 was an awful year, and I don't have to explain why because all of the human race has been affected. It is now January 2021, and I am still staring at the emotional (depression/anxiety?) and physical (weight gain?) scars quarantining has left me. There were many lies from people in power, resulting in manipulating innocent people looking for something to believe. I need to shake off last year and lock it up in a place that will never affect my psyche and my ability to create. 

I am resolved to combat the negativity from last year through positive creativity. My soul needs nourishment and the way to feed it is to create art for the sake of creating art. I need purity and the sense of discovery I get from the mistakes I make while creating. I need cleansing. I need to grow my soul in a positive direction.

My solution? I've decided to partake in this year's #the100dayproject, @dothe100dayproject. The purpose of this global, creative charter is to dedicate yourself to play, produce, and creatively inspire for 100 days. It's a creative outlet, and anyone can join. It starts on January 31.


"The practice of art isn't to make a living. It's to make your soul grow." - Kurt Vonnegut

I am basing my 100-day Project on making art for the sake of making art. Kurt Vonnegut gave us a quote that I am investigating for truth.  If the following statement is true, I will have proven it correct over the next 100 days of giving away art for free.

To see if my soul will grow, I will offer a piece of art daily to give away for free. I am not a hobby artist. I am a professional artist, so giving away art for free may be the biggest mistake in my short career. However, I strongly believe that art needs to be shared; otherwise, it is a diary entry, self-care, or a hobby. So I will set my art out into the world to unassuming individuals for free. No payment is required. It's a gift. 

Maybe I will choose from friends? New friends? Old friends? Or perhaps I will choose someone who touched me even I only met them for a minute? Or maybe I will walk down the street with my mask on and hand out paintings? Not sure yet, but I do know that I will give art.

Follow me on Instagram #100daystogiveart to see where this goes. Kurt Vonnegut (where ever you are), I hope you are right.

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