Top 10 reasons to buy authentic art and what to do about it!

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My artist friends and I commiserate about when we see people shopping for art at the big retail stores. We secretly want to talk to the person holding the mass-produced print and have an intervention of sorts. Yes, buying art at these stores is convenient, and it can get you to check off your to-do item of "get some art on the walls before Thanksgiving." However, I have to fend for the arts, so I have written the "Top 10 Reasons to Buy Authentic Art and what to do about it!" Read on to get extra tips via compelling articles that support each of the Top 10.

Top 10 reasons to buy authentic art

10. You are supporting a small (and hopefully local) business owner.

This point may be commonly known, but it's true.  Read this article in Forbes about the benefits and misconceptions of buying from local businesses.

9. It can be a conversation starter in your home or office.

A friend and firm partner, has a beautiful, large, abstract painting hanging behind his desk in his office. He bought it because it elevated the look of his office, and he thought it was a sound investment. However, what he enjoys most is using it to size up new business acquaintances that meet with him. He always likes to ask his visitors what they know about that painting, or what they see in that painting. He thinks that how someone communicates their thoughts about a bunch of chaotic lines and spots on a canvas says a lot about how the person can quickly assess an unknown situation and articulate their reactions, assessment, and opinions on an unfamiliar topic. Smart.

8. It reflects your personality and what you value in life. 

The objects and people you surround yourself with can define who you are as a person. Don't know how your personality translates into art? Don't know what type of art you like? I always say that you like what you like and it should be that simple. This article talks you through how to "choose art at the heart level."

7. You can support artists who are actively giving back to their community.

Artists are part of the fabric of local communities. They often volunteer for organizations in need, even though they could use a helping hand themselves. Get to know your local artists and see how you can pay it forward by supporting their business!

6. Art makes for incredible, unique, and thoughtful gifts.

What do you get the couple on their wedding day, that will last a lifetime? What do you get that relative or friend that has everything? Carefully chosen art can make a gift more personal than many other material objects. It reflects well on you and the (lucky) person receiving the gift. If you decide to gift one of my paintings, let them know about my art trade-up program. They can exchange any one of my original paintings they received as a gift for any other available painting of equal or greater value. No sweat!

5. It makes you feel good! 

 There are plenty of scientific studies on the healing power of the arts. Not only does being creative help you heal or recover, but engaging in the arts and having art around, you can lift your spirits and keep your stress levels low. Read more about this as reported by the University of California San Francisco. The Cleveland Clinic agrees and has amassed an impressive art collection for the sake of its patients.

4. You’re the boss. (Or want to be the boss.)

You have everything you want. Now, to what do you treat yourself? I remember the first time I bought a painting at a reputable art gallery. I felt such a sense of accomplishment in my career to be able to afford a "real" piece of art from an artist I admired. For some folks, it's fast cars and rare wines, and for others, like me, it's the art that symbolizes my achievements and my vision for me and my family's future; and it's hanging right there in my home for me to reflect on daily.

3. Authentic art can appreciate in value.

Owning even one piece of substantially valuable art may have a positive impact on your beneficiaries as long as it is part of your estate planning. Contact your financial planner or family lawyer to talk about how to best protect the future of your art as an asset that you can pass down to the next generation.

2.  You may donate your art and claim a charitable income tax deduction.

If you have built up a cohesive collection of authentic art, one day, you may consider giving it to a charitable cause. Doing so may benefit you tax-wise. This article shows you how to make a tax-deductible, charitable donation of artwork.

1.  There is only one of that gorgeous work of art. 

Where else can you easily attain an object that is truly unique and potentially even tailor-made, especially for you? Art can be a constant reminder of something meaningful in your life. Artists are typically flattered by people who admire and purchase their art. After all the time, energy, and soul that goes into creating the artwork, we want nothing more than for one person to find it so compelling that they wish to display it in their home or workspace. So why not work with your local artists to get you something that is special in your life?


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