What are Limited Editions?

limited editions prints

My limited edition prints are done with a high-quality process known as "giclee." These are more than just decorative, mass-market prints that you can get at your typical online/decoration art store, and can be a big part of your valuable art collection. Please read on to learn more about this high-quality offering!


What is a limited edition print?

A limited-edition print is an edition that has a fixed number of prints from the beginning of the print run, and the number of prints never changes. Limited edition prints are marked with two numbers: the unique number of the print and the size of the entire print run. 


What is a giclee print?

This is a high-quality reproduction print that has been professionally photographed and carefully checked by me so that the printed image is matched to the original artwork. Printed onto 300gm cotton rag paper using archival inks, it gives you all the detail of the original with a choice of sizes.


Is it signed?

Yes, I sign and number all my limited edition prints on the front in pencil.


Is this available in other sizes?

Yes, contact me if you are unable to find a size you need.


How accurate are the colors?

Great care is taken to ensure the print is full of detail and accurate to the original artwork. A specialist photographer using a high-quality camera takes the photos. I work with the photographer and the printmaker to ensure the printed image is adjusted to closely match the artwork before a final print run is done.

What I can't control is your computer screen color and settings, so there may be a small variation between what you see on screen and your print. However, newer computer screens are well-calibrated, so the print is likely to be very close to what you see on your computer.


Can I order the prints framed?

All of my limited edition prints are unframed. I ship unframed for a couple of reasons:

1. Prints are typically framed using glass. Shipping glass is costly, and the chances of damage are high.

2. If you do the framing, then you can control the look of the frame to match your home, as well as control the cost.


How long will this take to arrive?

Your print is made to order; each one is signed by me before being carefully rolled and sent to you. Please allow up to 10 working days for printing and delivery. If you need this by a particular date, please email me before placing your order.

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