Number 5 Studios Trade-up Program

 The Number 5 Studios Trade-up Program ("the Program"), is available to anyone who has purchased an original work of art from Shany Porras directly or via this website. The Program is meant to make it easy for you to enhance your collections with more recent or personally valuable art. If you have purchased original artwork from me, you may trade-up the painting you have for any other painting(s) available on You can exchange the painting you currently own with a new painting of equal or greater value. All you would be responsible for is payment of the difference in artwork price, sales tax, and the new shipping amount.

How it works


To start the process, simply email your request and the following information:


The art you want to trade in must have been purchased directly from Shany Porras or via A record of the purchase will need to be validated with a receipt. If you have lost the receipt, please state so. Number 5 Studios may have a record of the sale and if so, we can proceed.


Title, copyright year, and ID #. All of this information is found on the back of the painting.

PAINTING PHOTO: take a couple of pictures of front and back of the work you wish to trade in.

NEW PAINTING: please provide the name of the new painting you are interested in purchasing with a partial credit from the older painting.

APPROVAL TO PROCEED: Once the information above is reviewed and approved by Number 5 Studios, additional instructions will be emailed back to you.

If approved to proceed, you will need to mail or deliver the art to the address provided to you in the approval email.  Please protect the art carefully for shipping, and insure it for the full amount of the painting value. Also, please provide the shipping tracking number via email.

SELECTION OF ART: You and artist Shany Porras will discuss which new painting you would like to receive in exchange for the older painting. The sales transaction can be done securely via the phone and payment is processed via SQUARE or via Payment will be processed once the older painting has been received and the new painting is ready for shipment. If you have any questions about this program or would like to discuss in more detail, please contact artist Shany Porras at