Translation of "What's Going On" (Marvin Gaye)

Translation of "What's Going On" (Marvin Gaye)

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This painting is sold!  But, did you know you can request a commissioned painting like it? The process is easy. During a phone/zoom call, I offer a free consultation to get into your head about the art you want!  I will find out what you like about this painting in more detail and ask about where the painting is going and the desired dimensions. My rate starts at $1.50/ depending on materials and timing, and I ask for a 25% deposit. Delivery is via local pickup, UPS/USPS, or Freight UPS (depends on size).  Easy peasy! You can contact me at today!


"What's Going On" is a powerful, beautiful, and hopeful song that was inspired by the acts of police brutality from different occasions about 60 years ago. The original writer of the song, "Obie" Benson, wrote the song after he had seen riots in Berkeley, CA that happened in May 1965, now known as "Bloody Thursday." Marvin Gaye picked up the song and modified some of the lyrics and the tune, based on what he was seeing in America's social unrest, influenced by the Watts riots, and conversations with his brother who had fought in Vietnam. 

It seems to me that America has not progressed much in the past 60 years, as we are still talking about race and police brutality.   However, the past few weeks of protests give me hope that more Americans (of all races) are getting involved in pushing for equality, and ensure that all lives matter, including those who have been victims of centuries of racism and inequality. 

The song realized itself to me as atmospheric. I painted this painting to acknowledge that there is still social injustice that needs to be acknowledged and corrections within our legal, social, and school systems need to be implemented to offer all Americans a true shot at their self-defined American dream.  The use of dark colors represents the dark history which still permeates and defines America. I used lighter colors to represent the movement of Hope. 

For all my paintings, I use professional-grade materials. The painting is sealed with a UV protectant, acrylic varnish to keep the colors vibrant for its lifetime.

***This painting is NOT framed so that it is easy and inexpensive to ship it to you. The sides are painted purposefully in dark charcoal. The canvas stretcher is wired in the back so it is ready to hang on your wall.***

Painting Dimensions:

48 w X 48 h X 1.5 d inches

122 w X 122 h X 3.6 d centimeters

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